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Our Services

We service the residential, commercial, real Estate, and municipal government bodies.
Our services include green building design and retrofit, renewable energy engineering, and energy Management.

Sustainability Consulting
Our sustainability services help organizations, government bodies (Federal, Provincial, and Municipal), and individuals integrate sustainable practices to their operations and activities. With our corporate sustainability service, we go several miles further than just Corporate Social Responsibility. We help our clients set goals that align with their business operations and walk with them towards achieving these sustainability goals. Our sustainable governance service provide governments with solutions that will foster sustainable growth and development, show transparency, increase standard of living, and boost the economy.

Renewable Energy Engineering
Our renewable energy solutions help to reduce the carbon footprint produced by the use of fossil fuels in a way that is cost effective. These energy solutions are safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly ways to meet our energy needs. We undertake Systems Design, Geotechnical, and Project Management services. We specialise in generating energy from solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal energy sources. We offer systems design, project engineering, and project management for both residential and commercial projects.