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AlphaCor Sustainability Solutions Limited

Welcome to AlphaCor Sustainability Solutions Limited

Alphacor is an energy and environmental engineering company with a focus on providing sustainable development solutions and promoting sustainability. Our services are Green Building Engineering, Sustainability Management, and Renewable Energy Engineering.



– At Alphacor, we are committed to environmental conservation, societal and economic growth.


– We are constantly improving on our services to ensure growth, efficiency, and success.


– We work with our customers to fully understand and satisfy their needs, ensuring that they align with our values.


– At Alphacor, we are committed to bringing together people of various professional and cultural backgrounds. We believe that in diversity lies strength.


– We believe that honesty and moral uprightness builds trust between Alphacor and its stakeholders.

Our services

Together, let’s build an energy neutral tomorrow.


At Alphacor, we know that the built and natural environments are essential parts of our lives, which is why we put in every effort to make designs that will provide improved energy efficiency, maximum comfort and satisfaction to its inhabitants.


Our renewable energy solutions help to reduce the carbon footprint produced using fossil fuels in a way that is cost effective. These energy solutions are safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly ways to meet our energy needs.


Our sustainability services help organizations integrate sustainable practices to their operations and activities. With our corporate sustainability service, we go several miles further than just Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Team

  • Bofa Udisi, B.Sc.
    Bofa Udisi, B.Sc. BES II, LEED GA. CEO/Co-Founder
  • Ose Ainabe, B.Sc.
    Ose Ainabe, B.Sc. Pg.D. Director of Operations/Co-Founder
  • Marissa K. Firoz-Ali
    Marissa K. Firoz-Ali B.A, M.Sc. Project Associate – Sustainability
  • Bhaswati Mazumder
    Bhaswati Mazumder B.Tech. Research Coordinator
  • Sajjad M. Din, M.Sc.
    Sajjad M. Din, M.Sc. PGeo, QP. Technical Services Advisor/Co-Founder
  • Shankar Devarajan
    Shankar Devarajan PMP. Project Management Advisor
  • Mihail Plesca, Ph.D
    Mihail Plesca, Ph.D CEM, LEED® GA. Energy Management Advisor

Contact Us

At AlphaCor, we are passionate about the needs of our clients and the society at large.

Contact us to learn more, we would be happy to hear from you.

Email: info@alphacorss.com

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